Playing with fire

I wrote this for my lover in August 2018.  It’s about our first liaison together in June.  When I shared it with him, he was concerned that I was falling in love with him. He was right to be concerned, but I didn’t let on….

Playing with Fire

For years you sat across the room

And brought your smile to me

Laughs and joy you’d bring each time

And desire to be more free.


Back and forth you’d come and go

As days rolled on and on;

Then all at once the heat rose up

and the moon was new and strong.


The rising cat moves now inside

and draws on earth’s sweet fire;

Such pounding deep within me now,

increasing my desire.


Artemis hunts till

the sweet gazelle is captured by her gaze,

And before too long

a quiet field hosts our zesty game.


The sun it penetrates my back

As we seek soft and warm;

And brings new pleasure to me now,

The first in very long.


So now the sun has moved inside

As the lion closes in;

And makes it hard to concentrate

on anything but him.


Have mercy on this goddess please

for playing with such fire;

The glow is all encompassing

and fuelling my desire.

For T


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