I wake in the morning and you are there;

I work in the daytime, you are there still.

The evening a repeat, there you are;

The night, oh help!  No respite.

I wake again and it’s you;

How is this possible?

I flail and sigh and stroke myself,

the days go by and still you are there.

My mind races with thoughts of you,

My bowels churn because of you.

It’s crazy!

I can’t describe this whirlwind,

it’s within me and without.

You distract me from my life.

I try to control it,

talk it through with friends,

but they’re not you.

I want you inside me,

I need you by me.

I have to admit I love you.

It’s driving me mad!

And I can do nothing

except ride the wave of you

and wait for an end to this turmoil.

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