Our rules

An open marriage is something that needs careful consideration and planning so that both parties are equal partners in the experiment.  I thought this was the case in my own marriage but time led me to realise that this was not the case.

The main principal for us was that the marriage was the primary relationship.  In addition, we created some rules to guide us:

1. No diseases: This is no laughing matter.  When you’ve been with someone for 21 years in a safe sexual relationship, you don’t want to risk your health and your future for the sake of a quick fuck.

2. No babies: We already had adult children so why would we want to have children with someone new?

3. No sex in our bed: The marital bed is a sacred space where the energy of its inhabitants rests so not a place for casual sex with other partners.

Apart from these stipulations, anything goes , so as you can see we had a lot of freedom which was the main purpose of the exercise.

Love & light 



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