The buttered bun

Ok so I understand this is the phrase that describes sex with a woman when she has just been with someone else.  The local government officer was surprisingly turned on by his wife, the charity manager, fucking her new lover.  Consequently we had some of the best sex of our marriage!  Apparently it was the ‘sensual pleasure vibe’ I was giving off, which was highly attractive.  Also it was high summer.

But as with all relationships, complexity began to arise within a matter of months.  Before we knew it, I had fallen in love with ‘her lover’ and the local government officer felt he was fighting to retain his place in my heart.

He arrived one night with the dramatic gesture of having removed his wedding ring.  I was devastated as I still wanted to be married, even though I was falling in love with someone else.  I thought I could love two men and carry on as before; how nieve can you be!!

The LGO and me talked and I cried until I needed to escape so went out for a walk.  Whilst out I met a small black cat and we frolicked down the country lanes for at least half an hour.  After that I felt like everything would be ok so I thanked my new feline friend and returned to my husband, knowing what I had to do next.

I strode into the dining room, removed my wedding ring and thrust it down onto the table saying that I hadn’t liked the gold ring for a long time and I planned on getting a silver one for myself, to symbolise the new freedom I felt within our marriage.  The LGO said he wanted one too, so we agreed to buy silver rings as a mark of our new relationship.

The LGO said that he didn’t feel as though we had a marriage now and he wasn’t sure what it was that we had together.  Nor if I’m truthful did I ……….

Love & light







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