All Change

Today I have changed the name of my site from ‘The local government officer, the charity worker and her lover’ to ‘Elana’s Ink’.

This represents the changes that have taken place in my life since I set up the site last year. ‘The local government officer’ and I separated when he couldn’t deal with the love I felt for ‘her lover’.  What started as a light and playful affair morphed into full blown unconditional love.  Fortunately, the split from my husband was amicable and we remain good friends for which I am very grateful.

A few months later, ‘her lover’ ended our liaison due he said to guilt about his marriage.  Only he knows the reason he ended it between us and ultimately it doesn’t matter because I still have to deal with the loss of him and the future I felt we could have shared.  As many of you know, it’s incredibly difficult to say goodbye to someone you love when you haven’t finished exploring with that person.  We’re still in contact with each other which is sometimes wonderful and sometimes terrible but I’m not yet ready to permanently sever the ties that bind me to him.  Some think this is foolish but it suits me for now.

My hope is that eventually I will start to write about something other than love and loss but for now please bear with me…

Love & light


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