Entre Nous

You lie here deep within me

And saturate my core

I struggle to see others

Since you wriggled through my door


The door to the etheric

And forms of increased light

I find your presence everywhere

So luminous and bright


From physical to mental

You are the one I see

Sitting within the archetype

Of all that’s best for me


I can’t deny your presence

Though you would like me to

And I will not dismiss you

As you would have me do


You say we can share nothing

Except the fun you crave

But my love is far greater

Than desire to misbehave


For I have known you prior

When hearts were strong and true

Though now to live beyond your wife

Is far in front of you


Yet I want nothing for you

Than peace and room to breathe

The union of equals

You require to be free


When this lies within your grasp

I will withdraw from you

But until it manifests

I’m right here entre nous.


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