I’ve always had strength inside me

But lately I’m starting to know

That whatever I try to distract me

I can’t avoid missing you so


You cast me aside the moment

I meant something special to you

I spilled right into your home life

And that would never do


You made it clear you don’t want me

Rejection hurts me so much

I long for your company always

Your energy and your touch


I weep when I don’t see you

I weep as much when I do

I don’t have the tools required

To help me get over you


I have to find some new way now

Of moving on with my life

To leave our past behind me

While you carry on with your wife


I wouldn’t mind if she loved you

If happiness filled your days

But you are as lonely as me love

And now have to live this way


You’ve chosen to continue

To live your remaining years

In a loveless marriage, your ‘cross to bear’

While I wipe away my tears.




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