The Wound

This thing between us was

Fun and light

A summer day in my life

I bathed myself in your sun

Embraced someone

Far from his wife


Open hearted soft

The sweet kiss of

Little death

Your delicious gift

Was transitory

A moment’s starry breath


For you remained

True to an ideal

Of union with your spouse

Despite the glare of

Woe seeping through

Your conjugal house


Against such deceit

A lover like me

Cannot hope to rival she

Who sits at home to

Drain your fire

While I sit solitary


Time passed and with it change

Your sun scorched

Like a heat drenched sore

I opened as a wound for you

Soft and pink

Then frayed and raw


Dark thoughts seize me

With their march

Across this heart

You’re blind to pain

Refuse to see

For fear it falls apart


What makes you think

I will not share this

Injury from you

With she who

Carries blindly on

Unconscious of the truth


I fume with covetous rage

While she loafs and

Squanders love

Taking all

You have to give

Committed only to herself


Yet moans and groans

Are futile as

You grant an easy time

To a person

Unsupportive of

Your many gifted forms


Vain attempts to

Stem the flood

Resisted by my heart

I would not change

The time with you

From painful end to start


My world so far enlivened

By your presence

In my thoughts

Your warm, soft, light

Dispersed like

Weathered passing clouds


Now fortified

Against me and

The love I have for you

Raise a shield

And she a drink

To save you

Both from truth.


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