Help me! She cried

In grassy repose

Her breath clear and strong

Again from her run


Cerulean canvas

And pure white cloud

Remind her she’s small

In case there was doubt


The wind from the west

Blows oak and beech wild

Twin centaurs watch over

This poor weeping child


Crows call as dusk falls

Dog walkers go home

Still she remains there

Breath calm now, alone


No comfort provided

From the continuous moan

Of wind that blows onward

No answers shall come


No whispers of solace

For her desolate heart

Nature has spurned her

As he split her apart


So back home she goes

Forsaken and sad

I’ll make you feel better

Says the glass on the side


Ignored by the wind

Dismissed by her man

The gin numbs the pain

As only booze can


But it’s brief relief

From a deep rooted hurt

She needs to accept

His rejection of her


His life goes on

As though she’s not there

Worthless to he with whom

Life she would share


She knows it’s over

Can’t cope with the loss

Of potential love shared

If he wasn’t steadfast


But he chooses a life

Devoid of her love

Beyond the potential

He’s aware of


Far from the light

She shines on him

He chooses his path

And leaves her to gin

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