The Garden

Nude, pure and side by side

Your golden smile, my joyful shine

The light caress of cat’s paw breeze

Brings ease to this warm haven


I watch you gaze upon the grace

Arranged in front of us

In awe of colour so intense

High definition shows dim


Familiar yet more vivid

Than our eyes have ever seen

A sky of finest celestial blue

And trees the brightest green


Radiant light glisters

Soft shades beneath our feet

And highlights lucid twinkling

Around the crystal sky


We share a glance and proceed

Towards those congregated

Around a hillock, upon which

A humble man stands brightest


Proclaiming that those gathered here

Are templates for a future

Of unity between us

When this age is manifest


The beams of light shine through

The crowd directly to our hearts

Connecting all those present

In a multitude of love


To show the ways the life force

Manifests in partnerships

And share this theme with

Kindred souls inclined to make the shift


To enable greater harmony

Amongst our human clan

And bring Eden to all beings

Via woman and her man.


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