It’s amazing how I functioned

In a dream of life once lived

Going through the motions

Of a being partly seized


Complacent and unfeeling

Emotions dulled and mired

Until a dazzling lion

Awoke me with his fire


Intensity surrounding

One previously dulled

By marriage and apathy

A life conveyed as nulled


But he awoke my spirit

Where little rested here

Brought vibrancy, fulfilment

To diminishing vigour


His energy embraced me

With unremitting light

A purity and sanctity

To brighten all my nights


Nobody could have guessed

The effect he’d have on me

But he has truly sanctioned

This yearning to be free


Clear of expectation

Of life as it should be

And free to love whomever

My soul will deify


Not because somebody

Said some words long since past

But by virtue of enduring love

That lasts beyond my heart.

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